Animal Care Services Fees

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All customers who are reclaiming an owned pet are expected to pay all fees associated with services that Animal Care has rendered at time of reclaiming the animal.  The county doesn't offer a payment plan nor can animal owners work off any debt.  

All monetary transactions at the Animal Shelter must be completed thirty minutes prior to closing each business day.  

The Board of Supervisors approved a fee increase for some of the below listed fees.  The fee increase took place on 6-24-2023. 


Adoption Fees
Service Fee
Dogs and Cats
Spay-Neuter Fee
Spay-Neuter Deposit Fee
License Fee Below
Vaccination Fees
Vaccination Fee Below
Heartworm Test
FELV/FIV test for cats
Dog License Fees
Service Fee
1 Year Altered Dog
1 Year Unaltered $62.00
3 Year Altered Dog
3 Year Unaltered Dog
There will be no prorating when purchasing a 3 year dog license.
Duplicate License/Tag
Transfer Fee
Delinquent Licensing Penalty
Delinquent Licensing Penalty - unaltered
Potentially Dangerous/Vicious Dog License
All license sales are final and no refunds will be granted.
Impound & Redemption Fees
Incident - unaltered / altered
First Offense
$75.00        /       $51.00
Second Offense
$110.00      /       $81.00
Third Offense
$155.00      /       $125.00
Offense after a third impound within a 2 year period
$180.00      /       $161.00
Additional State Mandate Fee:
First Offense
Second Offense
Third Offense

$25.00 dollars of the state mandate fee will be held as a spay or neuter deposit, and will be refunded to the animal owner if the animal is altered within (30) days. 

After (30) days the deposit will be forfeited if proof that the animal has been altered is not presented to Animal Care Services. 

Any Deposit fee that has been forfeited shall be used in the same manner and under the same conditions as deposits forfeited for animals from the shelter.

Feed & Care Fees
Service Fee
Dogs (For each day, including day of impoundment and for each dog.)
Cats (For each day, including day of impoundment and for each cat.)
Other Animals (For each day, including day of impoundment.)
$31.00 Plus any additional cost

Protective Custody Hold: For any animal held under "protective custody hold" pending further investigation and determination of final disposition, the owner shall pay all fees, charges or cost for the impoundment, feed & care of such animal, not to exceed a period of 10 days unless otherwise directed by an order of the court or the Department of Animal Control.

Service Fees

Service Fee
Stray Animal Brought to Shelter
No Charge
Owner Surrenders Animal at Shelter
Owner Surrenders Animal at Shelter with Litter
Owner Surrenders Animal at Shelter from out of County
Incineration of Animal
Cat Carrier
Quarantine Fees
Shelter Quarantine or Isolation Fee

For any animals that has been impounded at the shelter for a 10 day or isolation period, the owner if known, shall pay all impound/redemption, feed/care and any other vaccination or veterinarian fees.  (Actual Cost) 

Feed and Care Fee
For each day, including day of impoundment and each animal.
Vaccination, Test & Surgery Fees
 DHLPP Vaccine
 FVRCP Vaccine
 Rabies Vaccine
 Bordatella Vaccine
 Lyme $12.00
 FELV Vaccine
 Heartworm Test Dogs & Cats
 Cat Neuter
 Cat Spay
 Dog Neuter     (Under 40 pounds)
 Dog Neuter     (Over 40 to 70 pounds)
 Dog Neuter     (Over 70 pounds)
 Dog Spay         (Under 40 pounds)
 Dog Spay         (Over 40 to 70 pounds) 
 Dog Spay         (Over 70 pounds)
 In Heat             (Additional)
 Pregnant          (Additional) 
Special Service Fees
Service Fee
Animal Trap Rental (Plus $40.00 refundable deposit)
Appeal Hearing Filing Fee
Veterinarian Treatment
Actual Cost
Handling of Large Animal (Bovine-Equine)
Actual Cost
Vicious / Potentially Dangerous Animal Hearing Fee
Exotic Animal Permits
Exotic Animal Permit (Not transferable and fee due upon application)
Temporary Exotic Animal Permit:
Valid for 10 days only.  May be renewed on a one time basis.  This permit is a requirement for all the transient animal displays, exhibitions or shows and must meet the animal health and safety requirements of California Penal Code 597 (a) through 597 (f) and 597 (t) as well as be in possession of a valid license for Dealer and Exhibitors as may be required under U.S. Code Section 2134 and 2136.
Delinquent Penalty
Kennel License Fees
Non-Commercial Residential Kennel   


5-10 Dogs
11-20 Dogs
21-50 Dogs
Delinquent Penalty
Double Fee

Commercial Kennel License

Commercial Kennel License (Includes commercial kennel, boarding kennel, pet grooming shop or parlor, commercial dog breeding business and pet shop.  (A County Business License is required in addition.)
Commercial Kennel Reinspection
Delinquent Penalty

No commercial kennel license fee is charged for such premises or for members of a recognized youth project, which would keep dogs or commercial or non-commercial purpose of raising or training dogs for the blind, deaf, or other disabled persons.

Applicant must submit documentary proof and complete the fee-exempt application form. Commercial nonprofit dog adoption agencies or nonprofit dog adoption businesses will be issued a fee-exempt, commercial kennel license only upon filing proof of nonprofit incorporation or proof of non-profit status and the completion of the fee exempt application form.