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Public Health Administration

Provides leadership for public health programs and administrative oversight, as well as technical assistance in areas such as financial management, management information systems, personnel policies and procedures, purchasing and fixed asset control, space utilization and facilities management.

Vital Statistics

Registers all births and deaths that occur in Mendocino County, issues burial permits, provides certified copies of birth certificates and death certificates, registers Confidential Morbidity Records (CMRs) for all county communicable diseases. To learn more about Vital Statistics / Birth and Death Records, please visit our Vital Statistic Page.

Public Health Officer

The County Health Officer provides medical oversight to the programs of HHSA Public Health. assesses the health status of the county, and provides consultation and support to the medical community and the Board of Supervisors on issues pertaining to public health. The Health Officer carries out state mandates and provides information relating to communicable diseases and other public health issues to all interested parties.

Quality Assurance and Improvement

Quality Assurance and Improvement is an integrated process that links knowledge, structures, processes and outcomes to enhance the quality of service delivery throughout an organization. Public health uses scientific, data-driven information to identify areas of community health that need improvement. Once these issues have been identified, the "Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)" framework is used to improve programs and services. The Mendocino County HHSA Public Health partners with organizations within the community, the State, and with Federal agencies to collaborate on solutions to improve the overall health of the community. 

Public Health Accreditation

Mendocino County HHSA Public Health is working on fulfilling the requirements for Public Health Accreditation. The nationally recognized 

Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)

 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the continuous quality improvement of Tribal, state, local and territorial public health departments. To learn more about our Accreditation activities, please see our  Public Health Accreditation page.