Permits & Licenses

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Beekeeper Permit(707) 234-6830
CalAg Permits(707) 234-6830
Certified Producer Certificate(707) 234-6830
Air Quality Management DistrictPhone
Burn Permits(707) 463-4354
Cement Storage/Concrete Production Permits(707) 463-4354
Demolition/Renovation Authorization(707) 463-4354
Diesel Engine Permits(707) 463-4354
Dry Cleaning Facility Permits
Gasoline Station Permits(707) 463-4354
Generator Permits(707) 463-4354
Grading Permits(707) 463-4354
Sand Blasting Permits(707) 463-4354
Animal Care ServicesPhone
Pet License(707) 463-4427
Marriage License(707) 234-6822
Cannabis ProgramPhone
Cannabis Permits And Licenses(707) 234-6680
Environmental HealthPhone
Body Art Facility Permit(707) 234-6625
Body Art Practitioner Permit(707) 234-6625
Community Event Permit(707) 234-6625
Cottage Food Permit(707) 234-6625
Facility Permit to Operate(707) 234-6625
Septic Tank Permit(707) 234-6625
Swimming Pool/Spa Permit or Change of Ownership(707) 234-6625
Temporary Food Vendor Permit(707) 234-6625
Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Permits(707) 234-6625
Well Permits(707) 234-6625
Planning and Building ServicesPhone
Boiler Permits
Building Permits(707) 234-6650
Coastal Development Permits(707) 234-6650
Construction and Building Permits(707) 234-6650
Filming Permits(707) 234-6650
Gravel Extraction(707) 234-6650
Permit Processing(707) 234-6650
Pond Permits/Exemptions(707) 234-6650
Use Permits for Land Development(707) 234-6650
Public HealthPhone
Burial Permits(707) 472-2700
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Permit(707) 576-2165
Concealed Weapon permit(707) 463-4411
Explosives Permit
Itinerant Permit(707) 463-4411
Encroachment Permits(707) 234-2850
Transportation Permit(707) 463-4363
Treasurer-Tax CollectorPhone
Business License(707) 234-6875
Transient Occupancy Tax