Office of Emergency Services

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 2024 February Winter Storm Damage Reporting Form

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The Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services (OES) is the primary local coordination agency for emergencies and disasters affecting residents, public infrastructure, and government operations in the Mendocino County Operational Area. The Mendocino Operational Area includes the entirety of the County and its cities, towns, and special districts, in coordination with independent tribes. OES is charged with providing the necessary planning, coordination, response support and communications with all agencies affected by large scale emergencies or disasters.  OES works in a cooperative effort with other governmental jurisdictions within the county; disciplines such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services, state and federal agencies, utilities, private industry and volunteer groups in order to provide a coordinated response to disasters.

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The Mendocino County Chief Executive Officer is the designated Director of Emergency Services and the Sheriff-Coroner is the designated Assistant Director of Emergency Services for the Operational Area by local ordinance. The Emergency Services Coordinator, under direction of the Director and Assistant Director of Emergency Services, is responsible for the day-to-day management of OES and the emergency management programs.

Emergency Services Administrative Functions

In addition to the primary Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services (OES) mission areas, OES also oversees several administration functions as part of its' mission to better support the residents and visitors to Mendocino County.


  • OES Coordinator 
  • OES Specialist 

Organizational Information 


Emergency Services Coordinator - Jeff Adair 
Emergency Services Specialist - Garrett James

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Phone: 707-234-6398