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The oral medication Paxlovid is available in Mendocino County to treat active COVID-19 infections.

Treatments are available to anyone over age 12 who is at higher risk for severe COVID. This includes those who are unvaccinated, immunocompromised, or have underlying health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Paxlovid is available through:

  • Your health provider
  • Online at Sesame Care where you can schedule a free virtual appointment with a doctor who can prescribe COVID-19 treatments. Or call (888) 897-1244.

Who should take COVID-19 treatments?

COVID-19 Treatments Fact Sheet 

More information on COVID-19 treatments


  • is not a vaccine and should not be taken to prevent COVID-19 or taken after the case has resolved.
  • must be taken within 5 days of the first COVID symptoms.
  • is accessible by contacting your primary care provider.

Treatments FAQ

What treatments are available for active COVID infections?

The oral medication Paxlovid is now available in Mendocino County. This is a treatment for active COVID-19 infections and must be taken within 5 days of the first symptom. 


How do I access COVID-19 treatments in Mendocino County?

Paxlovid is available by contacting your health provider or by visiting an OptumServe test-to-treat site in Mendocino County. Paxlovid will be available at the same time as COVID testing at the OptumServe sites for those who are high risk and test positive. See the Testing webpage for exact times and locations.