Property Tax Information

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Mendocino County is required by Article XIII-A (Proposition 13) of the California Constitution to collect and distribute all property taxes and assessments, not only for its own operation, but for the operation and debt service charges for the cities, school districts, and special districts within its boundaries as well. 

Per Government Code Section 29100, the yearly tax rates are required to be approved by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors.  The 2023-24 tax rates were adopted by Board of Supervisors Resolution 23-159 on September 26, 2023.

Each tax rate is the product of the basic $1.00 rate provided by Article XIII-A and the debt service of the several governing bodies that are extended over the various tax rate areas represented.

A tax rate area (tax authority group) is a parcel or group of parcels of property that are within the boundaries of identical taxing agencies and are used in order that a total uniform tax rate may be applied to a given area.  The county is divided into 262 tax rate areas, each with its own individual fund requirements.  The number of the tax rate area in which your parcel is located appears on your tax statement.  After locating this tax rate area number, find the number in the 2023 Tax Rates by TAG.pdf to find your total tax rate including all components.  The pdf file is located on the County of Mendocino website.

The tax rates shown are applied to each one hundred dollars ($100) of net valuation.

When there is a need for information it is important to know which Public Official to call.  Questions pertaining to valuation of property and exemptions should be directed to the Assessor; those pertaining to district valuations, tax levies or rates, bond issues and requirements should be directed to the Auditor-Controller; those pertaining to distribution of tax bills, tax redemption, taxes paid, sales of property for unpaid taxes, and redemption of tax defaulted property should be directed to the Tax Collector.


Respectfully submitted,

Sara Pierce
Acting Auditor-Controller / Treasurer-Tax Collector




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Property Tax Information