Fire Clean Up And Recovery Information

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The following information relates to destruction of homes and/or accessory structures from a fire event.  The handouts provide details on reentry, debris clean up and temporary occupancy of trailer coaches while recovering from a disaster. 

Post-Fire Cleanup Process for Private Residences

Step 1: Submit an "Asbestos Notification form for Demolition and Renovation" to Mendocino County Air Quality Management District (MCAQMD).
The MCAQMD, in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 61 subpart M, requires anyone
conducting a demolition or renovation project to thoroughly inspect the affected facility for the presence of asbestos. Single family residential dwellings of less than five units are exempt from fees, but the MCAQMD still requires consultation for all burned structures.
Mendocino County Air Quality Management District (707) 463-4354
306 E. Gobbi St, Ukiah CA 95482

Step 2: Submit a "Grading Notification" to Mendocino County Air Quality Management District.
The MCAQMD requires notification for the removal of large volumes of ash to limit and control potential dust generated during removal.
Mendocino County Air Quality Management District (707) 463-4354
306 E. Gobbi St, Ukiah CA 95482

Step 3: Obtain a Demolition Permit from Mendocino County Planning and Building Services if the structure was a complete loss, or a Remodel Permit if the structure incurred partial damage.
Once notification has been given to MCAQMD, Mendocino County Planning and Building Services can issue a Demolition or a Remodel Permit. The Permit application is the same form as a Building Permit application.

NOTE: The County only allows the property owner (on the deed) or a California State Licensed contractor to obtain a permit. If another party would like to obtain a permit on the property owner's behalf, they must provide a signed Agent/Applicant Authorization Form.

Step 4: Have the ash tested for hazardous waste classification.

This test is to determine which solid waste facilities are permitted to receive the ash once removed from the property. The ash is sampled and analyzed for hazardous properties to determine the waste classification. The three tests that must be performed on the ash are:

  • CAM 17 Heavy Metals (EPA 200.7, EPA 6010B, EPA 6010C) (sampled by homeowner or consultant)
  • pH test for corrosivity (sampled by homeowner or consultant)
  • Asbestos Test for friability (sampled by a Certified Asbestos Consultant)

Laboratories in Mendocino County:

Alpha Analytical Laboratories (707) 468-0401

208 Mason St, Ukiah, CA 95482

Alpha Labs Chain of Custody Form: /Alpha-Analvtical-COC.pdf

List of Certified Asbestos Consultants & Technicians:

Contact your waste hauler to request a bin or large dumpster and forward them your sampling results. They will use the results to identify special handling requirements and final waste destination locations.

If choosing to self-haul, contact the transfer station or final destination landfill to determine the requirements for acceptance. Plan to forward your testing results to the transfer station or landfill to ensure the facility will accept the ash and to avoid being turned away at the gate. Ash may not be self-hauled to a transfer station or landfill without prior approval from the facility.

Step 5: Complete cleanup of the structure.

Clean up of the material may be performed by the property owner or licensed contractor with any of the following licenses:

  • General Contractor "A"
  • C-21 Demolition

If the ash has tested positive for asbestos, the contractor must have the following licenses:

  • C-22 Asbestos Abatement
  • "ASB" Asbestos Certification

Step 6: Receive Final inspection, and signed off permit

Call Planning and Building Services with the permit number that was issued to demolish the structure and schedule a final inspection, according to the inspection days:

Ukiah, Hopland, Talmage: Monday through Friday

Covelo: Thursday only

Anderson Valley area: Monday or Wednesday

Handouts and Guidance Tips, Updated Nov. 13, 2020:

For information about air quality or asbestos, visit the EPA website.


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For more disaster recovery information, please call: 707-234-6303, or visit the County's Disaster Webpage: