Low Gap Park

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This 80-acre parcel of land has had several uses over the years. Until 1955, the City of Ukiah used a portion of the land for the City dump. In 1955, topsoil from what is now the archery range was pushed over the dumpsite to seal it off. Prior to its use as a City dump, there was a lumber mill and millworkers' housing on the site. Remnants of both these former uses can still be found in certain areas of the park.

In 1964, when one of the earliest State Park Bond acts was passed, a decision was made by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to use the funds to build a restroom at Faulkner Park in Boonville and to eventually develop the Low Gap property into a regional County park. However, by 1973, when the County Parks Department was created, nothing had yet been done with the funds allocated for Low Gap, and it became the Park Director's first duty to proceed with the Low Gap project.

Development of the park continued beyond the initial construction of restrooms and a parking lot, with the help of funds acquired under the State Park Bond Act, the Roberti-Z'Berg Grant, and the Land and Water Conservation Act. (The latter two grants were competitive grants requiring County match funds.) With this financial assistance, the County was able to reconstruct and develop several recreational facilities.  The County of Mendocino has also developed a 1+ acre area of land at Low Gap Park as an off-leash dog park.

Park Location

Low Gap park is located in the west hills of Ukiah, just across Low Gap Road from Ukiah High School. This 80-acre park is situated along Orr Creek, one of the three major streams in Ukiah and an important tributary of the Russian River.


Features and Facilities

There is something for everyone at Low Gap Park! At the entrance of the park, there are tennis courts and a small playground. As the path leads you to the interior of the park, you will see a disc golf course and Harrison Grove Picnic Area. As you explore the park, you will also find a second playground, a fenced dog park, an archery range, horseshoe pits, and much more. Public restrooms are also available. For those wanting a more "natural" experience, hike up to the upper reaches of the park — various trails lead visitors through the undeveloped "woodland preserve" areas.  For more information regarding Low Gap Park trails, please visit:  http://mendotrails.org/trails/low-gap-park-trails/

NOTE: Vehicle access to the upper portion of Low Gap Park can be arranged during regular working hours (M-F/8-5) by contacting the General Services Agency.

Group Picnic Area ReservationsIMG_0605

Reservations for the Harrison Grove Picnic Area may be made by contacting  General Services staff. 

Please see our Group Picnic Area Reservation page for more information.

Educational Brochures and Resources

Wild Flowers of Low Gap Park Brochure 

Produced by student of the California Naturalist Program, Inland Mendocino for the Sanhedrin Chapter of California Native Plant Society learn more at https://sanhedrin.cnps.org/

Low Gap Park/City View Trail Nature Hike Guide